Tuesday, 31 January 2017

4 Unique Shower Theme Ideas

All of us want to make their baby shower as a possible unforgettable experience. Unique and classic baby shower themes have greater role for making it ever memorable. They are able to supply you endless fun.

The unique baby shower themes mentioned listed below are safe and successful because they're tried with great results. Your friends and relatives should be comfortable with your infant shower themes. They're selected to get maximum relaxation and then for experiencing and enjoying the moment.

These unique and classic baby shower themes require preparation. These are not generic, so you should pay attention for details. Your themes can make an entire concept in the color of decoration to cake. Baby themes may be humorous, more severe or it could be a combination of fun with adorable.

Whatever it might be, the themes must provide you maximum enjoyment, so you've got to be flexible. You are able to select anybody in the below mentioned unique baby shower themes.

1. Safari Themed Baby

A safari theme can be a cute and excellent theme for baby, which provides you the chance to include a lot of jungle elements. Let us now get to understand how you can plan this theme in a perfect way.


Be sure that your invitation contains different jungle animals like lion, giraffe, monkey, tiger etc. You could have all these animals wear diapers in your card.


To generate a safari mood, the party venue too must be decorated in jungle style. Choose tablecloths with animal prints. Keep some indoor plants in several corners with the venue and decorate all of them with brown vines. Hang some stuffed toys like birds, monkeys, etc on these plants. Also, keep other safari supplies like compasses and binoculars on your table.

Games and Favors

There are various kinds of party favors you are able to opt for like animal shaped soaps and even stuffed toy toys. It's also possible to give animal shaped chocolates and candies in a nice animal printed carry bag. Some games that you can play include scavenger hunt or giving animal names to the baby.


Different foods that you can plan safari theme baby shower are venison sandwiches, tropical drinks, animal shaped cookies, as well as course don't forget to have a very tiered cake with fondant animals, or cup cakes with animal faces.

2. Bear

A cowboy theme is incredibly unique as well as, something everyone will certainly love. Let's now get gotten ready for this theme.


For the cowboy theme, your invitation card needs to have the image of your cowboy or sketch of your cowboy hat.


For decoration, you can hang cowboy posters on the wall. You also can decorate different regions of the venue with stuffed bear toys like horses, cows, or might be use cowboy hats and boots.

Games and Favors

Games that one could play includes guessing names of cowboy movies, or else you may play games like roping the objects, musical bottle race, scramble game with cowboy words. Some favors that one could share with the guests are cowboy hats or cowboy shaped candies.


Particular sorts of food that can be used for any cowboy themed baby shower are chips and dip, little smokies, quesadillas, mini tacos, chalupas, etc. Your cake may be made with interesting features like cowboy boots, hat, a lasso, etc.

3. Monkey Themed Baby Shower

If you wish to build a funny baby shower celebration theme, diapers is the foremost option. You could start through the diaper invitations. This will aid to create the tone right away itself. You can also ask your guest to create the gifts for baby shower celebration within a diaper.

If you are not sure regarding the items to buy, you can even examine internet, where you can find a lot of baby shower celebration presents. You may use some pointers to locate a perfect gift. If you wrap the gift within a diaper, it's also possible to save a few dollars. It is deemed an amazing and funny theme. You are able to complete this theme in many extravagant way. This theme could also be used to rearrange the infant shower cake also.

4. Under The Sea Themed Baby Shower Celebration

Road Trip – Who doesn’t get excited by the very mention of those words? Seriously, it can be the past time the mom leaves the home for quite a while.

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